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Transparent watercolor, as you probably discovered, is often a stubborn medium. But, it can be mastered if you're willing to study, unravel old habits and dispel misconceptions and occasional misinformation.

Through Jim's instruction you gather the building blocks and tools to accomplish your goal of becoming a fine watercolor painter. You might enjoy reading a page explaining what transparent watercolor can do when properly handled.

Other pages offer information on Jim's unique "Twister" watercolor easel and video series . And, If you have a little extra time, enjoy browsing Jim's gallery of paintings.

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The main gallery of paintings.

General biography and teaching biography.

Watercolor "quintessentials"... you'll undoubtedly enjoy the painting process much more with them!

The "Twister" This is unequivocally the best watercolor easel you'll ever find or use. Check it out!

Videos. This series of three one and one half to nearly two hour long tapes offer you a wealth of valuable, if not essential, information.

Topics for students

What makes transparent watercolor so difficult and can I learn to control it? "Transparent Watercolor Wheel," published by Watson-Guptill
Materials list for domestic and foreign workshops.

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