"the ultimate

watercolor easel"


Thoughtfully designed by the popular workshop instructor, Jim Kosvanec, NWS, the "Twister,"  is the first watercolor easel that finally allows you to tilt, twist and control the flow and effects of your washes, from side to side, front to back, corner to corner or any point in between! Engineered and made in the USA of the finest materials, the Kosvanec "Twister" will provide you with many years of painting enjoyment. Experience the fluid movement of "the ultimate watercolor easel!"

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  • Made of black anodized aluminum and the finest hardware, the Twister is very sturdy and attractive.

Was $149.95

Now, just 119.95!

  • Mounts on any standard head tripod or the table clamp accessory. Lightweight ones (less than 2 pounds) are available for under $20.
  • The unique swiveling feature of the Twister is adjustable for greater or reduced resistance.
  • Lightweight - 2 pounds!
  • Lightweight - 2 pounds!
  • Breaks down to an incredibly compact package for travel, only 24 1/4" in length. The travelling package is only 12 inches in total length!
  • Oversized painting brackets, and two threaded rods securely accept stretching boards, watercolor blocks and watercolor boards up to 35 inches vertically or horizontally! A full sheet of stretched paper is easily accommodated.

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If I buy a "Twister," what comes with it?

You'll receive a package with the main support rod, an extension rod, an upper and lower bracket, the swivel base and handle. You also get full instructions on how to assemble your "Twister." You'll need an ordinary camera tripod, which you probably already own, or the accessory table clamp to mount the "Twister." I prefer a tripod since I can set the height to a comfortable level that doesn't strain my back. For travel, I use a lightweight tripod that weighs less than two pounds. In the studio, I use a heavier tripod for uncompromising support. For a Lightweight tripod, consider purchasing either the $19.95 or $29.95 tripods from Target. The more expensive one isn't much heavier but is sturdier and more stable.

What makes the "Twister" a watercolor easel?

The "Twister" easel solves the unique problem that watercolorists have that other easels don't address, that is the backflow, side-flow and manipulation of washes that need to move in a direction other than simply front to back. The versatility of the "Twister" watercolor easel as well as it's lightweight, compact and portable nature, makes it a wish come true for watercolorists. I developed it after an old Italian easel that I re-welded many times in order to make it twist in a crude manner was about to bite the dust. The first "Twister" was built to answer my watercolor painting requirements and celebrate the Italian easel's retirement.

What makes the "Twister" twist?

If you can imagine grasping a dowel with your index finger and thumb, you have an idea of what the universal ring and rod assembly are like. In this position, you can tilt the rod front to back, side to side and, if you had a handle at the end of the dowel, you could also spin it as well. (The main "Twister" rod comes with a handle, by the way.)

To understand how the variable resistance works, imagine a clamp surrounding your thumb and index finger, exerting adjustable pressure. The more the clamp tightens down, the more difficult it is to turn or twist the rod. Now you can begin to understand how the "Twister's" core element, a universal ring assembly with the main support rod passing through, can allow unprecedented versatility of movement yet, with total control over how much resistance you desire for twisting and turning your painting. While this may sound complicated, it's really quite simple in reality. The "Twister" is adjusted in just a few seconds to accommodate a new resistance setting. In all likelihood, you'll set it and never have any need to change it again, but it's nice to know you can.

A few practical applications, exemplifying the versatility of the "Twister."

Let me give you two simple examples of when and how the "Twister" might be used. Say, you're painting a flower's petal and the colors need to blend gradually from the lower left to the upper right, you apply wet washes using the various colors in the appropriate areas and then turn the easel's handle to tilt in the direction you want the colors to flow. Once they mingle correctly, you bring the Twister back to level and let the wash set. The effects are extraordinary. Washes flow together, whereas without this ability, you'd need to brush (and probably overwork) the colors with less satisfactory results.

Another example and application that may intrigue you is to create combination of colors such as with Manganese Blue, Quinacridone Gold and Permanent Rose. Once applied to the paper, manipulate the direction of the wash creatively, making the manganese partially separate from the gold and rose colors which are much lighter in weight than the manganese. This is fun and the effects are dazzling.


It's unlikely your"Twister" will ever need repair, but if it does, it will be handled free of charge. Just send the faulty part back and it will be replaced or repaired during the five year warranty.


Your "Twister" will open a new experience and dimension in watercolor painting!