Assembly Instructions For The Kosvanec "Twister"

You're about to assemble your new Kosvanec "Twister." You'll soon experience the fluid movement of "the ultimate watercolor easel," allowing you to finally control the flow and effects of your washes, from side to side, front to back, corner to corner or any point in between! Engineered and made in the USA of the finest materials, the Kosvanec "Twister" will provide you with years of painting enjoyment.

1. Place (A) the 1/4" thick silver handle through the holes in the side of (B) the longer rod and secure it by turning (C) the silver bolt into the end of the rod until it's hand tight. You can tighten it slightly with a wrench it you like, but this usually isn't necessary.

2. If you plan to paint larger than 22" vertically, screw (D) the 12" extension rod into (B) the longer rod.

3. Rest the silver handled end of the rod on the floor with the free end pointing upward. Now, with the V-groove of (E) the longer bracket facing upward, slip the bracket down the rod until it's about 2 to 3 inches from the silver handle. Once the bracket and silver handle are parallel, tighten the T-handle. These handles are very efficient. To use them correctly, and not damage the tips that grip the rod, you should twist them until you feel slight resistance and then tighten no more than an 1/8 of a turn more.

4. Now we're ready to install the unique feature of the Kosvanec "Twister," (F) the universal joint that allows for its incredible movement. Slip the T-handle end of the universal joint half the distance down the rod, and tighten the T-handle, aligning it on the same side as the lower bracket's T-handle. Remember, only an 1/8 turn after slight resistance. Note: Check that the tube passing through the universal joint has approximately the same number of exposed threads on each side.

5. Hold (G), the shorter bracket, so the V-groove is facing downward. Slip it down the rod, position it parallel to the lower bracket and secure it with the T-handle. Remember to not overtighten! All the T-handles should be aligned on the right side.twister with labels

6. Place the easel on a tripod or the table clamp accessory. Securely fasten the 1/4" bolt (present on the table clamp and virtually all tripods) into the base of the universal joint and your nearly done

7. The "Twister" has been sent to you properly adjusted, however, the twisting tension on the universal joint is adjustable. Just tighten or loosen the two large screws in the cavities of the universal joint until the tension seems comfortable to you. Don't adjust one screw without adjusting the other. You should keep the tension nearly equal on both screws. You'll find a small adjustment will make more of a change than you might imagine.

8. Set the distance between the two clamps (E and G) to the approximate size of the painting board you'll be using. Then, to ensure proper balance, set (F) the universal joint about midway between the two.

9. Using the silver handle, tilt the easel downward and place your painting board in the lower bracket. Then slide the upper bracket down, making sure the board is seated snugly between the two brackets. Tighten the T-handle of the upper bracket, grasp the silver handle and you're ready to Twist and paint!

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