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Thank you for reviewing my proposal to teach a workshop for your association. I've enclosed information to introduce myself as a painter and as a teacher. I'll list them in the order they appear, and describe why several are included. Please note, this internet presentation is abbreviated and is lacking nine pages that would ordinarily be sent with the bound proposal. Despite that, you'll find the essential information you require. If after reading the following you feel you need a full hard copy, please contact me and I'll gladly send one to you.

My résumé, like most, is less than spell-binding despite a few credentials.

The Workshop Summary sheet briefly explains my workshop teaching agenda.

The materials list is for you to send to your registered students.

I find most watercolorists, amateur to professional alike, are unable to fully develop their artistic potential due to a lack of knowledge as to which color combinations will consistently produce vibrantly clean, luminous results. By using a unique color wheel system, which I developed, the exasperating trial and error method of discovering these combinations is eliminated. The "Kosvanec Transparent Watercolor Wheel" is the focus of my book, "Transparent Watercolor Wheel," published by Watson-Guptill. It was also featured by "American Artist" magazine in their Spring Watercolor issue. The introduction of this system is the most important concept covered in my workshop, and I believe it will become an essential reference tool for most transparent watercolorists.

I prefer no more than twenty students in the workshop, although I'll accept more. I feel it's desirable to limit numbers to have enough time to give my personal attention to each painter's needs.

With a five day workshop, I can offer watercolor organizations an evening demonstration, or a lecture evening without a demonstration, with no limit on attendees. I'm also available for judging exhibitions.

My current pricing structure is: $475 per day plus room, $35 per diem and transportation costs (see additional expenses in this paragraph). (Each student over 25 in number is an additional $12 per day.) An evening's lecture/demonstration is $275. Fees for jurying are determined according to the approximate number of entrants and other criteria. If your group operates under a different compensation scenario than I've described, I'll try to accommodate your requirements. Elaboration of additional sponsor expenses: airfare which once attained is the sponsor's responsibility even if they cancel the workshop. Per diem of $35 and lodging for each day. Note: that to obtain reasonable aitfares a Saturday stayover is required. This means seven days is the standard by which to calculate costs. Daily rate of $475 only applies to actual days taught, generally five days. Please call 805-772-6111 for further clarification or inquiries.

The workshop week is intensive and inspiring. Most students feel reborn to the new concepts and possibilities. The class is humorous, light, non-dictatorial, and very personal. I'm teaching because I love to teach! I'm teaching because I have something important to share!


Jim Kosvanec, NWS

Jim Kosvanec
2951 Juniper Ave.
Morro Bay, CA
Phone: (805) 772-6111